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3D point cloud features PK traditional surface mod

time:2017-09-30 16:12:48CTR:

There are several traditional surface modeling methods:

1. Product model analysis: In reverse product design, in order to improve the secondary design ability of the digital product model reconstructed by reverse engineering, product analysis must be carried out to analyze the design intention and modeling method of the product model, such as reference data, product feature composition and modeling sequence. Then, the original design parameters are restored based on various measurement data, so that the data can be imported into the CAD system for product parametric design and the rules can be found. Rebuild the product digital model consistent with the original design intention, and then develop new products. This is the best way for technology digestion, absorption and innovation.

2. Features: The traditional surface modeling method can use a variety of surface sheet models to create complex surface models, and the most commonly used are parametric polynomial surface models and boundary interpolation surface models. Typical parametric polynomial surface models include Bezier surface model, B-SPLIne surface model and NURBS surface model. For the traditional surface modeling method, the curve is the key factor of surface reconstruction, which should be used for the subsequent surface generation and surface reduction. Therefore, the quality of the curve directly affects the quality of the final surface model.

The fast surface modeling method mainly uses Bezier and NURBS surface models to create complex surface models, and the surface models created by Bezier curves often need to be further converted to the NURBS surface expression format in order to facilitate the expression and display of computers. For the rapid surface modeling method, its biggest feature is fast. It must have manual intervention, at the beginning of the surface creation, the modeler must deal with the point cloud object and the generated model, and must also specify some preset parameters for the execution of the system.

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