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FreeFrom Computer engraving pen (1)
name:FreeFrom Computer engraving pen (1)
time:2018-04-19 09:52:12ctr:
Serial number
Specifications, models, technical parameters, requirements, etc
Note: ★ indicates that the parameter must be met. Otherwise, the label will be rejected



1. Technical parameters
★1. Working plane: 168W×203 D mm
★2. Resolution: > 450 dpi
★3. Feedback force direction: x, y, z
★4. Base size: 168W× 203D mm
Second, equipment characteristics
1. The use of the latest international three-dimensional touch technology: designers can apply the sense of touch to computer design and modeling,

designers can "touch" and "operate" virtual objects, to achieve a highly authentic three-dimensional force feedback technology.
2. Support the designer's "full-duplex" tactile perception: can simultaneously transmit and receive three-dimensional tactile data information.
3. It can be compatible with a variety of mainstream 3D and 2D file formats: you can input IGES curve (cross section), STL file (Binary or ASCII), OBJ file (Wavefont),

PLY file, BMP file, JPG file, PSD file, AI file, etc. You can output STL files (Binary or ASCII), OBJ files (Wavefont), PLY files, ZCP files, QUICKTIME VR files, BMP files, etc.
4. The design requirements conform to the most advanced product design trends and manufacturing processes: integrating the characteristics of "2D drawing

"and "3D design". The design of free modeling model and design results can be directly transmitted to RP rapid prototyping equipment, produce prototypes,

can also be output to other CAD\CAE\CAM software for fine processing, can be widely used in the design of different industries.
3. Software module:
1.Curves section (Drawing 3D curves for easy implementation and model construction)
2.Planes (Assisted sketch module to realize 2D editing and drawing graphics)
3.Sketch part (mainly complete the 2D outline, and realize 3D editing with 2D outline)
4.Construct Clay parts (Create clay parts to outline the detailed features)
5.Sculpt Clay carving function (detailed features carving, just like the real earth carving)
6.Detail Clay pruning function (do local detail pruning, especially the general outline pruning, editing)
7.Deform Clay deformation function (3D contour deformation and modification module)
8.Paint Clay (paint the features under each layer, increase the color of the layer, and enhance the rendering effect)
9./Move Clay Select/move function (select, move, copy, copy entities)
10.Patches/Solids Surface/solids functions (edit and modify surface and solids function modules)
11.Rendering function (rendering effect module, increase model design effect)
12.Mold parting function (parting module, mainly for the subsequent processing to do module opening design)


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