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Reverse 3D modeling and key technology of closed i

time:2017-09-30 16:12:04CTR:

Through model design, process specification design, five-axis NC programming (based on UG-CAM and HyperMill), machining simulation (Vericut7.2.1), five-axis machine tool operation (Germany Hermle C22U) and product testing, a closed integral blade disk was completed.
In this paper, a method of surface modeling in the design of closed integral blade disc and the effect of bad points on the consistency of blade surface are proposed, which can improve the surface quality of closed impeller from the process source. At the same time, according to the model, the program of five-axis CNC machining is completed, and the interference problem caused by the large number of blades and the narrow space between adjacent blades is solved. Tool axis vector constraint problem; Problems such as too large cutter mark during leaf disk turning processing. The optimum tool axis direction was determined, the surface fairing treatment method was optimized, and the efficient roughing process route of the blade disk channel and the precise machining process route of the blade disk were determined.

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