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What's the deal with 3D printing

time:2017-09-30 16:24:32CTR:

In theory, when 3D printing technology matures with the addition of different printing materials, it can print anything, including human organs (raw materials are cells), houses (raw materials are building materials), machinery (raw materials are metal), etc., and it can be printed exactly as you want. As long as you set the shape of what you want to print in front of the computer
In the future, it may only be possible to send a 3D printer and building materials to the moon or Mars, and the 3D printer can print out the lunar base, and then the astronauts can go to live on it; If an organ needs to be replaced after illness, there is no need to find a matching organ source, as long as some stem cells are taken from the patient to become printing raw materials, and then an identical organ can be printed for transplantation, and there are no immune complications. Tall buildings don't need so many people, just need a large 3D printer, add building materials such as cement metal, and then automatically print the building up....
It's promising, and therefore revolutionary
However, at present, because it is a new concept, not only 3D printers are expensive, but also limited functions, usually using resin to print plastic objects, but the computer can only calculate four operations at the beginning
3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing technology in which three-dimensional objects are created through continuous physical layers. Compared with other additive manufacturing technologies, 3D printers have the advantages of fast speed, cheap price and high ease of use.
3D printer is a device that can "print" a real 3D object, functionally the same as laser forming technology, using layered processing, superposition forming, that is, by adding materials layer by layer to generate 3D entities, and traditional material removal processing technology is completely different. It is called "printer" in reference to its technical principle, because the process of layered processing is very similar to inkjet printing. As this technology continues to advance, we have been able to produce 3D models that closely resemble the look, feel and function of the prototype.
To put it simply, 3D printing is the reverse process of tomography, tomography is to "cut" something into countless superimposed pieces, 3D printing is a piece of printing, and then superimposed together, to become a three-dimensional object.

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