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3d printer printing model fault how to do

time:2017-09-30 16:25:11CTR:

In the process of 3d printer printing, there are often a variety of small faults, such as fault, many users once found 3d printer problems, it is considered to be the quality of the machine, in fact, not all of this is the case, then 3d printer printing model fault is what causes it, how to do?
3d printer technicians pointed out that under normal circumstances, the reason why 3d printers will appear fault, the main reason is that the nozzle is caused by uneven silk, when the silk is uneven, it is easy to cause the 3d printer to occasionally spray a large chunk of melted silk.
Most of the uneven silk production of 3d printers is because of the wrong temperature setting, take the desktop 3d printer for example, the nozzle and platform temperature set when printing material ABS and PLA are not the same, you need to check to see if you set it right?
In addition, if the 3d printer printing fault is caused by human improper operation, then you need to read the manual carefully and operate in strict accordance with the instructions on the manual.

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